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Welcome to the CUHK Psychology Department's Psychology at Work website!

This site is dedicated to explaining key practitioner-related aspects of Industrial-Organizational Psychology for the benefit of both HR and Psychology professionals in the workplace.

We have created this website to answer basic questions such as: "How should I judge whether a test is a good one or not?" and "What is an assessment center and what should I use it for?". These issues have been studied for decades in I/O Psychology but often the results of that research have not found their way into practice. Our goal with this website is to improve the practice of HR and the application of I/O Psychology to the workplace. By doing so we hope to improve the selection and development of talent in Hong Kong and beyond. Many thanks to the Knowledge Transfer Office at CUHK for funding this project and to the Assessment and Training Center at CUHK for maintaining the website. If you have any questions on the content or would like more information, please email us at:
Enjoy the site!